T'keya Cox

T.Cox Studios

I'm a Young  Black Female barber who started cutting hair at the age of 14, who grew up in the south bronx.Dealing with issues at home, trying to fit in at school and in my neighborhood was a constant battle.  My mom raised my brother and I by herself. She gave me the opportunity to attend charter schools and private school, but the moment I went to public school my life changed.  I was teased and bullied for the way I dressed and the way I acted. That kid that just stood out. I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT THAT I'D GET THIS FAR AND STILL HAVE THAT MOTIVATION TO MOVE FORWARD. When I was younger I always loved to play in my brother's hair. His head was the first head I ever touched, and boy did he trust me. I won't lie I didn't know what on earth I was doing, I just mimicked what I saw the barbers do to him. Each time I did his hair I got better and better, his friends started coming to me and so did the kids around the neighborhood. Which eventually led to me working in a barbershop. I honestly love giving people a new look, that fresh start with a boost of confidence it makes me feel like I did the job right. Cutting hair has brought so much good into my life , and has giving me the OPPORTUNITY to meet so many amazing people. who Have brought light into my life. Being a barber is more than just a job, but an experience. Helping people to become the head and not the tail of society. And I won't stop here …. there is way more to come with Key The Barber